Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seven pieces of coal from Myron Ebell's dark heart

Scoring a cool 6 on the WTF! scale are The Clean Coal Carolers (from the latest dirty lying coal front group) where seven levitating lumps of coal on your doorstep provide musical renditions of all their hit propaganda.
  • Frosty the coalman getting cleaner every day... there must have been some magic in their technology for when they looked for pollutants there was nearly none to see

  • Clean Coal Night keeps us warm. plenty for years to come.

  • Abundant Affordable fuelling our economy. clean coal is our source we depend on for power. and we can count on clean coal for years to come.

  • O'Technology technology, technology you coal burn cleaner, greener. america depends on you. just like the past we depend on you.

  • Deck the Halls with Clean Coal clean coal is here to stay. getting greener every day. when it comes it makes things right

  • Jingle Bells affordable, affordable, source of energy, powers us through tough times with new technology. clean clean coal, when it comes to energy there is no better way.
Clearly with something this stupid, they're hoping it to go viral and fill everyone's minds with this garbage.

What works for Christianity in terms of singing supreme obedience, love and thankfullness to the almighty God and Jesus Christ in song after Christmas song for persuading people it's true and that they should come to church the rest of the year round...

Oh well. Click on the link below to see the state of so-called Clean Coal technology as it stands today:


Meanwhile, Myron Ebell's blog posts on 21 November and 24 November about the change of the Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee are just to boring to go over again.

I'm sure we'll be going over this in the coming years as Myron does what he can to wreck any progress in this field like a man going around a sinking ship slashing all the inflatable lifeboats with his knife so that all the passengers will certainly drown.

The metaphore works because at the same time he tells us that it's much more comfortable to remain in your cosy cabins on the ship instead of on those cold and miserable lifeboats with paddles. Anyway, the ship is not sinking and the captain is fixing the problem with his new technology that makes water disappear from the inside of the hull.


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