Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This Brit is full of shit

Iain Murray is a fucking fuckwit. He has a twitter account and I won't be happy until I get blocked from it. The utter spastic.

It's all very well posting your comments about the inevitable fuckups of capitalism, blaming it as you wish on Stalinist socialism, when you should know Keynsenwise that any monetary cycle that systematically slices off a percentage of the value for the owning class every time the money goes round cannot continue forever and therefore must fail eventually.

What's your real answer, mate? You want all our children to die horribly, like Myron Ebell does, as he promotes the transformation of this world into one which can sustain 10,000 human being maximum because he believes in his heart that his descendants are going get lucky for some reason unconnected with the fact that their inheritance imbibes them with no moral right to prevail?

What gives? Yes I know the government (thanks to your colleagues' efforts) is a fucked up disaster area, but it's got a hell of a lot better hope in protecting our survival interests than Exxon ever will, in spite of your unhelpful contribution.

This is no a joke. I swear the internet archive will record your evidential efforts in favour of the extinction of the species working for your goddamn CEI organization run by that Mr 10% Fred Smith. It's happening faster than all of us think, in case you haven't noticed.

With your slick lies I'm sure you could win an argument against your doctor against the need to give to give up smoking, but no one would then cry if you died of lung cancer.

This is not about rhetoric. It's about the future, which will happen, whether we like it or not, probably within the error bounds of prediction. Your choice: Quit your crappy job doing dangerous evil, or die like you want the rest of us to.

This service now returns to Myron Ebell, if he can be arsed to do any work these days. Pointless waste of space these think tank wankers.

You know we're just a bunch of monkeys put on this earth to fart around. It's not god-given for it to work out happily. Think about that now.


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