Thursday, July 15, 2010

Myron Ebell plants evil acorns

I believe this is from last November, to Pajamas media.

No time for a transcript, but this is the good bit:
Myron: I think it's much bigger than the ACORN videos-- those were a bombshell, no doubt about that. [smiles] Congratulations.
The ACORN videos which purportedly showed a ridiculously dressed undercover republican couple getting advice on running their prostitution business were a total fraud, but it was enough to get all the a mainstream media that has no interest in the truth, and have this comunity organizing group shut down.

Myron smiled because he approved of this hit-job and found it impressive. And he was trying to perpetrate the same fraud with his CRU emails.

Unfortunately it's on a much bigger scale. While O'Keefe and his handlers were trying to make the lives of poor people in America that little bit more miserable by destroying one of the most effective community groups that they have, Myron Ebell is doing what he can to threaten the lives of the other five billion people, as well as most life forms on Earth.


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