Friday, June 11, 2010

Myron feels comfortable with carbon-based fuels as our children's future

Myron Ebell is returning to form in this fact-check-less money.cnn article where he claims
While the BP spill is unfortunate, it's the first big spill in U.S. waters since 1969, said Myron Ebell, director of energy and global warming at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
He's referring to an 11 day spill off the coast of California, before drilling got banned from there.

Myron has been fighting for a long time to have the ban lifted, owing to the fact that everyone has forgotten about why it was in place. This is in common with all his "Institute's" bone-headed campaigns against regulation that never refer to the usually perfectly reasonable ongoing reasons for the regulations to have been made.

That's before Myron Ebell and his pals are liars who don't care if you die.

I guess the massive BP leak from its pipeline on land in Alaska in 2006 doesn't count. This leak, which drained into the sea, was second only to the Exxon Valdez tanker disaster in Alaskan waters -- in which BP had a controlling stake.

Even if Myron's statement wasn't false, it implies that leaks anywhere in the rest of the world outside of U.S. waters don't matter. Which is a typical American attitude.

Myron went on:
Ebell thinks renewable energy isn't ready for prime time, no mater how much utilities are required to buy.

He also doesn't think global warming is a serious threat - not an opinion shared by most climate scientists.

"I think most of these claims are made up," he said. "Carbon dioxide is essential for life on earth."
You can't make this up.

If I had the chance, I'd get in Myron's six-cylinder Chevy TrailBlazer and drive it straight across his lawn and in through his living room wall when it was snowing outside.

"You crashed my car and ruined everything," he'd shout.

"Negative, Myron," I'd respond. "Your car is an important part of your life."

Next week, Myron appears on a radio near you.


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