Thursday, May 06, 2010

The painful leak from his head

Myron Ebell has been remarkably quiet as that oil has continued to piss out of a deep water well into the Gulf of Mexico.

Who knew that drilling in mile deep water was so tricky?

But one bit of water is the same as another, isn't it, baby?

You never need to take account of the special situation and pass or enforce regulations that prevent enterprises having to cut all corners possible to compete in the market, do you?

Myron knows the need for regulations, even though he has spent his whole life lying about it.

But here he is in an Associated Press story from yesterday:
Myron Ebell of the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, which usually rails against too much government intervention into business, spoke Tuesday of the need for "more scrutiny of the industry" and regulations. That way drilling can continue.
Or to put it another way, so that drilling is sustainable. America, for all its severe faults, is not like Nigeria where you can just machine gun the people out of the way. You have to use the power of lies. Lies are awesome and powerful and control the masses, but they can't do everything.

I'd like to rephrase his statement on a little broader level.
There is an need for more scrutiny of the fossil fuel industry and regulations to get it out of politics. That way human civilization might survive.
Ultimately, Myron Ebell's view of capitalism is suicidally self-destructive. It is just so sad it has to wreck everything with it.


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