Sunday, March 28, 2010

Financial Times achievement hour

As the damp squib of Human Achievement Hour (for celebrating only harmful out-of-date 20th century technology) fizzles, Myron Ebell lays into the upper classes for their frivolous concerns about the future of humanity on this planet.

I have no idea why reporter Fiona Harvey or her editor at the FT thought her piece about how members of the European monarchies -- usually so removed from everyday life on the ground -- even they were becoming radicalised by the fact that climate change was going to threaten their existence, would be improved by some ignorant grunts from Myron Ebell.

But such is the lack of standards in journalism:
Global-warming sceptics regard royals campaigning against climate change as a fad at best and at worst a form of political activism ­inappropriate for public figures who are meant to remain outside the realm of democratic politics. Myron Ebell, director at the Competitive Enterprise ­Institute and one of America's most prominent climate-change sceptics, says: "The interest of royal personages in promoting global warming alarmism and supporting energy-rationing policies is a good example of out-of-touch elitism. It's a popular cause for them and other wealthy people who don’t have to worry about skyrocketing energy bills."


Among the royal activists on global warming, Prince Charles has shown the greatest willingness to try to influence politicians directly... The reason he is able to get away with this may be that in Britain, as opposed to the US, environmentalism largely transcends party boundaries. Margaret Thatcher was the first world leader to speak out strongly on the problem of climate change, in 1988... Ebell is scathing: "My guess is that Prince Charles's clueless comments tend to confirm the suspicions of ordinary people that global warming is just another fashionable cause."
Is it, Myron? Just a fashionable cause? It can't mean anything more? So, if a royal prince campaigns against AIDS, that's just a fashionable cause too? You're in favour of AIDS, are you, Myron? Lots of people dying.

You don't want these influential people weighing in and undoing all your hard work lying and persuading people to act against their own interests of survival. That's your problem, isn't it? They're not allowed to speak out, but you are with your full of crap statements all day, every day, aren't you Myron?

But why would any self-respecting media organization publish it?


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