Monday, March 08, 2010

No sense but the science

Myron Ebell, whose part in the suicide of the human species is documented in this blog, has been working on overdrive on the so-called Climate-gate emails, condemning bad practice that has supported junk science. Myron doesn't know what science is.

Science is about sifting through all the distractions, personalities, cock-ups, conspiracies and general human failings in order to find out what reality is and what nature has in store for us. Myron is anti-science because all these manufactured overblown deliberate misinterpretations and fallacies are all he wants to talk about.

There's the thousand words on FoxNews website criticising The New York Times for not giving this -gate the fair coverage it deserves. According to Myron:
Broder further opines on his own behalf: "The battle is asymmetric, in the sense that scientists feel compelled to support their findings with careful observation and replicable analysis, while their critics are free to make sweeping statements condemning their work as fraudulent." That, of course, is not reporting, but agreeing with one of the alarmists' talking points.

And it is untrue. Anyone who has ever seen some of the leading scientific proponents of alarmism in action knows that they are not about "careful observation and replicable analysis." In fact, the major revelation of Climate-gate has been that top climate scientists refused to share their data and methodologies because they were concealing intentional data manipulation as well as incompetence. Which is exactly what their critics have maintained for years.
This is, of course, a lie. The NASA GISSTemp data is downloadable from here, as it has been for years, and the full calculations have been replicated using Clear Climate Code here.

But this interesting and relevant piece of data is not part of Myron's snot-mouthed narrative, so he gets on with the usual riff:
Dr. John P. Holdren... collaborator with Stanford Professor Paul R. Ehrlich of Population Bomb fame... has made a career of bending science to support left-wing politics and has an unblemished forty-year record of wild doomsday predictions that have all proven wrong.

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri, the Chairman of the U. N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who is a railway engineer by profession... Dr. Gavin A. Schmidt... salary is paid by American taxpayers... spending a good part of his time during office hours and using government equipment to produce political propaganda for has received help from Fenton Communications, the key P.R. firm for the Soros-funded left.

Dr. James E. Hansen... is a highly political animal... is also increasingly kooky and extreme... a federal employee, was arrested for protesting at a coal mine in West Virginia.
Science is also about data. Knowing that the science is against them, Myron and his friends in the Bush Administration were certainly instrumental in preventing the launch of the Deep Space Climate Observatory which would have given us seven years of inconvenient truths by now that no pack of emails could have dislodged.

Myron will also not be welcoming the imminent launch of CryoSat-2 for measuring sea-ice thickness (which fellow dipstick death-wisher Julie Walsh prefers to lie about). On the contrary, he would have been pleased in 2005 when the first launch blew up and saved him from having to account for the last five years of data that would have contradicted all his bollocks.

Science is the last thing he wants. Instead Myron has combed at length through random out of context quotes consistent with his narrative.

It's been a while since the Myron Ebell climate has kept up to date. In honour of this, I leave you with a denialist video from the horse's arse himself, Mr Nigel Farage.


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