Thursday, December 17, 2009

Myron reduced to mush

Some coal-hearted imbicile thought it was a good idea to send Myron Ebell over to Copenhagen (or "Hopenhagen" as he calls it). Not sure what the point of it was. He seems to be sending back exceedingly dull dispatches that get published in Politico, a "cross-discipline forum for intelligent and lively conversation" that is happy to publish lies from the likes of Myron Ebell.

Myron rambles:
Failure looms over Hopenchangen. Blah blah blah.

The question is, who is going to be saddled with the blame for COP-15's failure? There is only one obvious candidate: the United States. And the environmental movement is preparing the groundwork.
Myron sketches out the miserable scenario that is his wet-dream with its climax in the defunct U.S. Senate.
Should [Obama tell his negotiators to stop frustrating the hopes of the world], it will be a repeat of Kyoto in 1997. The negotiations were hopelessly deadlocked at the beginning of the last week [of Kyoto]. President Clinton sent (or allowed) Vice President Gore to fly to Kyoto and collapse the U. S. negotiating position. The result was a treaty that was dead in the Senate the minute it was signed.

It's probably too much to hope that Obama will make the same mistake that Gore made, but it is ironic that unless he does, the U. S. will end up being blamed for the failure here. It will be interesting to see to to what degree President Obama can succeed in keeping the blame from falling on him personally.
In an earlier post, Myron warms up his "climategate" riff:
There is another reason for President Obama to call for a global timeout on energy-rationing policies. The Climategate scandal calls into question much of the scientific research upon which the energy-rationing agenda is based. President Obama ought to include a call at COP-15 for a real investigation of the data manipulation and fraud revealed by Climategate rather than an establishment whitewash.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then in an extreme attack of dullness, the Fixed News website published 1400 words by Myron documenting the chaos of too many people and too few passes, and how so many of the hopeful delegates (like him) show up only for the last week because they are too thick to understand the technical meetings in the first half.

It's surpring Myron wasn't there to join his friends Fred Singer and Lord Monckton at their kooky fringe meetings to wind themselves up before going out on the street to call crowds of young people "hitler youth".

Myron concludes:
The real news is that there is now a tremendous amount of animosity and distrust between the U.N. establishment and the environmental establishment. They know that they need each other, which is why the mainstream environmental NGOs have not made a stink and why the establishment press hasn't made it a front page story. But the fissure arising out of the U.N.'s incompetence is going to take a long time to heal and could easily grow much wider.

That is the very good news coming out of Hopenchangen.
Oh, Myron, extinction is too kind. Are you really stupid enough to think you can live forever, like Robert Vroman?


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