Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pointless Ebell appearance of the day

Species extinction entrepreneur Myron was selected briefly to make his damaging statement:
This Bill is a disaster. Higher energy prices are going to hit people in the pocket-book, and they are also going to cost a lot of people their jobs.
That's it!

Wingnut outlets covering this feeble ray of hope, such as the Cybercrap News Service and Heritage Foundation Cream left Myron out of their usual quote lists, knowing that he doesn't add value to their biased mis-reporting.

Myron Ebell doesn't have people's misguided trust anymore. Most sane people know that it is always in their interest to believe the opposite to what he tells them. If Myron knew renewable energy was better, he'd redouble his campaign against it because it would represent a greater threat to his beloved world-killing coal interests.

Cheer up, the world is getting nastier. Things are going to hit your children's ability to survive, not just your pocket-book, you pathetic appealer to trivial narrow-minded money-grabbing interests.


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