Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Serious change with numbers

For an example of everything which Myron is not (lies, woolly-mindedness, bullshit, and abject future misery), below is a video of David Mackay of Cambridge University.

Myron Ebell went to Cambridge for several weeks long ago. He even wears the tie.

He's been a bit lazy recently.

Unless he's now working under a pseudonym, I can't find any of his writings in his favourite wingnut publications like Human Events (last post 25 July 2007), or The Heritage Foundation (last sighting 22 June 2006). He's not even showing up in Cybercrap News (last quote 17 January 2008). His last appearance on the CEI blog was on 13 March this year.

Nothing is getting done. It's left to bone-heads like Sam Kazman to warm up his old story about road crash deaths being the fault of the guy who bought the littler car. The "study" he didn't link to is here. You can draw any conclusion you like if you ignore all the other damage cars cause, because you believe that only the driver-purchaser counts and you are too porridge-brained to comprehend what an economic externality really is.

You make me sick, you CEI monkeys, you and your pathetic feel-bad Earth Day video lies of your run-of-the-mill nothing-new Ayn Rand myths:
  • Overpopulation is good

  • Malarial mosquitos don't have DDT resistance

  • GM tomatoes that don't rot will be nutritious

  • Food companies save people from starvation

  • Global warming is the natural gap between ice ages

  • Bottled water saves disaster victims

  • Africans and Indians can afford Microsoft operating systems and get on-line

  • Supercapitalism is just a large version of a kid's lemonade stand

  • International banks help poor people with microloans

  • Private for-profit universities train effective scientists

  • And yes we can use that Rural Electric Cooperative footage from Haiti if we want to, even though we are against everything they stand for.

Stuff it. That's enough heartless intro. Roll the tape!


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