Monday, December 31, 2007

A Cambridge University death cult

After dropping his tie for his official photo earlier in the season, Myron wore his special Cambridge University crested tie to when he was stupidly invited to sound off before the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, where he proceeded to lie and misrepresent several scientist's warnings. Presumably he feels he earned this cherished tie because, according to the very last sentence of his CEI bio:
He also did graduate work at the University of California at San Diego and at Peterhouse, Cambridge University.
Notice how it doesn't mention anything about a qualification or certificate of education. Like the Ritz hotel, Universities are open for "graduate work" to anyone who can pay.

Following this testimony, Myron took a few minutes out of his busy schedule between Xmas and New Year to mock an article reporting that the climate scientist Jim Hansen says it's too late. The CO2 targets are too high, and we seem to be overshooting. Myron wrote:
[According to Hansen] the safe level for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be no more than 350 parts per million. So since it’s now 380 or 390 ppm, we’re already doomed and can stop worrying about it...

What if there’s just a tiny chance that Hansen could be wrong? Wouldn’t drastically reducing our energy consumption cause colossal increases in human mortality and suffering?
In a few more years time, his attitude is going to look increasingly like he is laughing at someone dying of cancer.

According to Myron, it's all a conspiracy. The thermodynamic properties of Carbon Dioxide have been miscalculated, and there has been no increase in global temperature since 1999 in spite of massive increases in greenhouse gasses. The arctic ice sheet has not, repeat, not collapsed as it did this summer, opening the Northwest Passage for the first time in recorded history. You didn't see it with your own eyes, did you, so it can't have happened.

Using logic known only to followers of Myron, the one added comment on this blog posting reads:
To All Rational Thinkers: Carbon dioxide has been in the atmosphere for about 4 billion years. Despite all the upheaval the Earth has faced over those years, we have never seen any negative effects from that carbon dioxide. None, nothing, no trace of harm, no indiucation that it ever influenced the climate.
I believe the same can be said for meteors, which the Earth has also been experiencing for about 4 billion years with no trace of harm throughout recorded human history.

Well, at least we know where to find unintelligent life on this planet.


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