Friday, March 27, 2009

Myron's stupidity hour

In an attempt to give us hope, the United Nations Secretary General said:
On 28 March, the world will observe Earth Hour. Millions of people, in hundreds of cities, will turn off their lights for an hour. Earth Hour is a way for the citizens of the world to send a clear message. They want action on climate change.

It promises to be the largest demonstration of public concern about climate change ever attempted. People will be telling their representatives to seal a deal in Copenhagen. A deal at the climate change talks that will protect people and the planet. We need an ambitious agreement. An agreement that is fair and effective. An agreement based on sound science.

We are on a dangerous path. Our planet is warming. We must change our ways. We need green growth that benefits all communities. We need sustainable energy for a more climate-friendly, prosperous world. This is the path of the future. We must walk it together.

Around the world, many famous landmarks will go dark during Earth Hour. In New York, we will switch out the lights at UN Headquarters. Other UN facilities around the world will also take part.

I urge citizens everywhere to join us. Please send a strong message on climate change. Together we can find a solution to this most serious of global challenges.

My friends, climate change and the economic crisis need bold action. Now.
Of course, like Car Free Day, there will be no noticeable difference in consumption, which will demonstrate that our current human civilization is wholly incapable of making even a token gesture, let alone organizing a credible attempt at tackling the very real and very threatening problems that are developing counter to our continued life on earth.

And so it was that the tribe of human extinctionists known as the CEI declared (on 19 March) a simultaneous observance known as Human Achievement Hour, accompanied by the following stupid video accompanied by the music "Let's see how far we've come":

The press release contained an the obligatory sentence from Myron Ebell:
"We salute the people who keep the lights on and produce the energy that helps make human achievement possible," says Myron Ebell, CEI’s Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy.
Horse-faced new recruit Michelle Minton, wrote in her second article (on 23 March):
Our press release described ways people might celebrate the achievements of humanity such as eating diner, seeing a film, driving around, keeping the heat on in your home—all things that Earth Hour celebrators, presumably, should be refraining from. In the cheekiest manner, we claimed that anyone not foregoing the use of electricity in that hour is, by default, celebrating the achievements of human beings. Needless to say, the enviros in the blogosphere didn’t take to kindly to our announcement.
She then quoted some statements from twilight earth blog.

It's all such a big joke, isn't it?

What do you expect from someone who proclaims in the middle of a banking disaster of the kind we are experiencing that "the selfish desire for long-term personal wealth is the best incentive for creating sound and effective businesses." ?

It's not like Ms. Minton (unlike Mr. Ebell) is incapable of thinking logically, as she did about her horse insurance:
If insurers don’t take every risk into account, they inevitably transfer some risks from people who take risks to those who don’t. Failing to take risks into account is unfair to everyone.
As we at the Climate know, and succeeding generations are going to be intimately aware of soon after they are born:
Failing to take environmental degradation into account is unfair to everyone.
The Human Achievement Hour video ends its recap of human civilization and advancement at exactly 1969. Here is the video that covers today and the next hundred years:


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