Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The problem with high gas prices

... is that it sends a signal to consumers that they need to conserve it!!!

So says Myron Ebell in a quote in an article on the American Family Network.

This is either the kind of publication that's in favour of families that look after children as well as what they will predictably face in the future, or it doesn't give a rat's ass that the children of those children will be doomed to a life locked up in a dungeon, merely so some already rich people can get some kicks out of making a little bit more money by lying, cheating, lobbying, and doing everything they can to encourage society to burn as much of this product as they can in spite of the dire consequences.

Given the clear record of Myron Ebell and his toxic Competitive Enterprise Institute, we know where the American Family Network stands. The road to hell is paved with bad reporting.


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