Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The kids are all right

Well, their understandings of the world are, although not necessarily their future.

One day they will begin to ask "How did it get like this?" The answer to that question will be Myron Ebell, his life's work, his financial backers, and his continual, fluid, systematic lying into the stenographic media who are the real villains in this whole sorry saga at the dog-end of the human species.

Myron doesn't care about the future because if you earn money you are by definition right, and he will be dead by 2050 before any of this can matter to him personally.

At least that's what he thinks. While he is alive, young people have the power to make his crimes come back to haunt him. I have a vision of one last public appearance by Myron Ebell where he confesses to all he's done and the facts of the case. This should be in a court hearing during testimony where the final ruling abolishes the Exxon Corporation -- a gigantic pulsating malignant cancer at the heart of our energy and political economy that has got to be removed if there is any hope of healing. The tumour speaks and says it is not doing any harm, even while its roots strangle organs and ooze poison into the bloodstream through every pore. You got to dig it out to see just how bad it is.

It's probably too late, but that's no reason not to want to see justice be done, the guilty named, and reality restored.


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