Saturday, July 21, 2007

That pain in my ears

Dennis Miller looks better than he sounds, which isn't good for a radio show man. The old codger babbling on, being rude to people who just keep phoning back in makes your mouth feel sour. Exactly the sort of idiot who would have Myron Ebell on a second time (19 June). I've put off for a month the job of listening to it. It starts at minute 43:
Miller: [As Deep Purple fades out with Miller humming to it] "Smoke on the Water"... Water vapour. Responsible for much of the greenhouse gas. (giggles)... Myron, welcome back to the show my friend.

Myron: Thanks for having me Dennis.

Miller: I am glad... Every time I leave a guest I just hope that global warming doesn't off them before they come back. I see that you've survived, and welcome back my friend.

Ebell: Well, as President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic said that if it warms up in 50 years and it's half a degree warmer, I hope that people alive then will be half as brave as I am.

Miller: I think you're going to see a lot of heat towels fall off the nose of the global warming argument. Some people are just saying Enough is enough at this point. Let's continue to debate it, but I think it was a really beautiful tipping point for my side, which does believe something is happening, also happens to think it's cyclical, and man plays a minimum part in it. But when Gore said the debate is over, I think he didn't realize it at that moment, but that might have been the beginning of the end of the zealous approach to it.

Ebell: Yeah, we're trying to track back the first person who said we had ten years or less to act, because if it were eight years ago, then in a couple of years we can give it up and turn to something else.

Miller: Right. It's just like the blood for oil thing. We're there to take their oil. And you keep wondering, maybe there's a small scintilla of a chance they're right. But we never do. Nobody ever goes back and says, Hey wait, we didn't take it the first time when you told me we were going to take it in the 90s. Now we don't take it now.
Then they chatted about the climate change denialist victory in an Intelligence Squared debate in March, held between three professional liars (Crichton, Stott and Lintzen) against three scientists. Then discussed the more-or-less resolved Cape Wind project as if it was still a hypocritical controversy. And finally talked about the elderly climate scientist Reid Bryson, making out that he was some big cheeze on their side.

Dennis Miller's endearing habit of inserting movie titles all over his conversation is ruined by the way he deals with phone-ins, when he gets them. Frequently the switchboard is empty, as it should be, because he usually takes one statement from the caller, then drops the phone and rattles along on some boring tangent. There is no conversation. For all we can tell, half of these phone-ins are taped and played. You don't need real people there because there is no response.

UPDATE: Dennis Miller had made it to The Daily Show. His party trick is to talk nonsense without stopping. He's also frequently on Fox Noise with his rant against global warming. Newshounds has a go at him as well. A long time ago, people like Bill Hicks would appear with Dennis Miller.


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