Wednesday, July 04, 2007

CEI is Sicko

Those who have noticed the great cry for, let's say it, socialized medicine -- ie something that's specifically designed to work, as opposed to a corrupt system whose only purpose is to make money for the rich at all costs -- might have noticed a certain lack of activity on behalf of those great pioneers of free market thought, the Competitive Enterprise Institute. In fact all they could muster to link to from their web page is some photos of these privileged white folks waving placards: "Socialism kills profits".

That's because, according to the New York Sun, the industry has hired Pacific Research Institute, The Manhatten Institute, PhRMA, The Cato Institute, The Galen Institute, The Heritage Foundation, and Health Care America to run the public disinformation campaign for this one.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute is listed nowhere in this campaign, probably due to being extremely crap, talentless, and counter-productive on such a "sensitive" issue -- meaning that people can experience with their own senses now, today, that they are promulgating bald-face lies whose direct consequences are to make them die painfully.

For now they will continue to work in the field of ensuring that our next but one generation is the one who faces death on a dying planet. They're not born yet. They can't shop and drive cars today. They don't have any of today's money in their wallets. These future people, these grand-children of ours don't exist yet, so they can't be harmed by anything.

All they'll be able to do is -- after they're born -- walk over and piss on Myron Ebell's grave.

But that won't hurt him, unfortunately.


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