Friday, April 14, 2006

Post-Peak Myron

In an otherwise reasonable article, Christian news 24/7 let themselves down as usual by copying some outright lies spoken by Myron Ebell. The rule is, if Myron Ebell is the other side of the story, then there is no other side of the story.

We are all going to die. Christians, of all people, are supposed to be able to handle this, what with their biblical floods and stuff. If they thought that global warming and its consequences was an act of God, they could handle it. However, because it comes about through the action of natural forces whose initial conditions we have an effect on, it can't possibly be malignant. I saw a warp factor 9 oxymoron in another article which I don't every want to see anywhere else: "Climatologist Pat Michaels of the CATO Institute". It's not possible to be a scientist and work for a Right wing lie tank in the same lifetime.

Today's topic for Myron is peak oil. Myron said: "At some point, oil production will peak. I think that is a long ways away... In the early 1930s, the Department of Interior estimated that we'd run out of oil by 1940. So there's a long history of predicting these things, and most of the predictions turn out not to be true."

As Myron well knows, this "long history" ended in 1956 with Hubbert's publication, and subsequent US government data which confirmed it over the last 50 years, although now this data is being systematically deleted.

Fine. You can tell something's true because Myron doesn't want to talk about it. A good reporter would have asked Myron whether he was talking about the same planet as ours. An honest reporter would not have gone on to quote Myron's following statement: "There is plenty of oil in the ground right here in America, but environmental protection laws prevent us from drilling for it... There are political obstacles to oil production in many places in the world -- most seriously in the United States."

Every word is, as usual, a lie.

Of course, although the assertion that the petroleum industry appears to have owned the US government lock, stock and barrel for the last eighty years is about as self-evident as the statement that God does not appear to exist, it's not something we want to remind anyone of, is it.

Myron Ebell: A man who has dedicated his life to making the world a worse place to live in for all his four children.


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