Monday, February 20, 2006

Not Goodenough! is still encouraging Myron Ebell to exist by publishing his words without ridicule or opposing creditable fact. This has got to stop.

As usual, reporters mistake the catastrophic failure of the Kyoto treaty as a failure of the need to do something. They do not see it as a tragedy similar to, say, the failure of the hydraulic braking system on a freight train as it barrels down the tracks into a city. You want your goods to come into the city as fast as possible; therefore why would you ever want to slow the train down, says Ebell who has been working so hard to suck out the brake fluid with his bare lips his gums are scabby.

"Even as they damage their economies with limits on energy use, emissions continue to go up," croaked Myron Ebell. "The sooner that Kyoto's supporters realize that it's a dead end, the better off the world will be."

We even get a pointless quote fellow CEI english potato Iain Murray who said the international community should drop Kyoto and work on alternatives -- like the Asia-Pacific partnership -- "that will build resiliency and deploy new energy technologies."

So... why can't you bother to ask what those "New Technologies" are, Mr Reporter Goodenough? We like technology, and you filled your article full of numbers and figures right down to this point, and then you cease all analysis when someone says "New Technologies". What fergod's sake are they? Flying saucers? Perpetual motion machines? Does he believe there is a pill that can turn gasoline into water? Shouldn't he really only be interviewed by After all, after helping to privatize the railways in Britain, he can only be proud of the train crashes that happened year on year as they skimmed money out and didn't fix the tracks until it all fell apart. You don't need to read his lies to revel in his blind faith that "capitalism actually encourages long-term thinking because its institutions ascribe value based on future prospects."

It only just looks like a poker game where the winners cash out at the right moment and leave town. But you cannot cash out of Planet Earth, my friends. Mr Ebell, Mr Murray, and Mr Goodenough are going to be staying right here where they will die with the rest of us multi-cellular organisms breathing the same air and drinking the same water. Thanks friends.


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