Monday, February 13, 2006

4200 other words

Ocassionally President Bush's handlers keep people on their toes by inserting the occasional truth into one it his speeches. "America is addicted to oil," the President said in his speech. Myron Ebell was incensed.

"With these five words in his State of the Union speech," Myron whined, "President George W. Bush confounded steadfast allies on energy policy and emboldened his bitterest enemies. Political sages often counsel paying more attention to deeds than to words, but in this case, the President’s irresponsible rhetoric is likely to have far more damaging consequences than the minor policy changes he went on to recommend."

That article written by Myron can be found in Suicidal Species Online, a vanity publication for conservative bananas. This is the place where his words belong.

Unfortunately, a week later, Andrea James, business reporter for an Alabama news organization conflagrated her standards by filling in a few inches in her Natural gas shortage article with an interviewette from Myron where he was pitching for the chemicals industry.

"With U.S. prices of gas two or three times that in other countries, it is impossible for American chemical producers to compete," Ebell said. "Many have already moved their production overseas, and I expect most of the remaining producers are in the process of doing so."

I don't and he probably doesn't know what countries he's talking about. If there are such countries they're probably ones which have not yet burnt through their entire gas reserves for a quick buck, like the USA and the UK, and whom now have to rely on the international market or imperial colonies

Wherever they are, Myron is sure it will destroy your livelihood. Decline in the chemicals industry could mean hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, Ebell said.

Luckily, Ms Andrea James interviewed Michael Zenker who is not an professional liar. In 2000, U.S. and Canadian gas supplies peaked and it caught the country by surprise, Zenker said. For the first time ever... a surge in drilling did not result in more supply. Today, gas drilling is at a record high, but production is relatively flat.

In a CNN interview in 2003, he also said: In fact technology has been helping by bringing a lot of the smaller resources to market much more rapidly. We have been able to get access to locations where there's natural gas domestically where we hadn't been able to do that before.

This is because the POOP.

Clearly, the reporter didn't read this, or she wouldn't have published Myron's next lie (and for good measure deleted this crackpot from the record entirely) when he said: "The industry has consistently underestimated the magnitude and rate that potential new fields were being declared off-limits by the Congress, the president, and the federal land agencies such as the U.S. Bureau of Land Management."

As usual, the obvious follow-up questions should be: "What fields? What countries? Where? Can you prove it or are you making stuff up as usual out of your hot deluded brain again, Ebell?"

The oil and gas crises have been predicted. The Climate change disasters have been predicted. It's all going to happen if we take no measures to avert it. And if we don't then we must be a suicidal species.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Washington Post had a story about melting glaciers,
Most climate scientists believe a major cause for Earth's warming climate is increased emissions of greenhouse gases as a result of burning fossil fuels, largely in the United States and other wealthy, industrialized nations such as those of western Europe but increasingly in rapidly developing nations such as China and India as well. Carbon dioxide and several other gases trap the sun's heat and raise atmospheric temperature.

Interestingly I found this article linked from "Human Events online" and they run a poll on it, where you can have one of two opinions, either thinking that climate change is all media hype, or that something's got to be done. I wonder if Myron takes part in this poll...

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