Saturday, November 14, 2009

Myron Ebell finds his death panels

Remember that trumped up death panel saga over socialized health-care? Well, Myron has been doing his duty and reading up the whole Climate Change Bill before congress and thinks he has his death panel scam in the form of Section 707.

He writes:
Section 705 of Kerry-Boxer, S. 1733, requires that the EPA Administrator must submit a report to Congress every four years beginning in 2013 including a determination of whether the legislation and other policies in place are sufficient to avoid greenhouse gas concentrations above 450 parts per million of carbon dioxide equivalent (ppm CO2-e).
In other words: It includes a determination of whether the policy working. (Myron doesn't like this, because he doesn't want the policy to work.)
Since concentrations are already at 430 ppm CO2-e and rising every year, there is no way that the policies in Waxman-Markey or Kerry-Boxer can keep them below 450. The U. S. economy could shut down completely, and emissions from other countries would soon push atmospheric levels past 450.
Myron has explained that he knows the policy is not going to work to keep down CO2 concentrations anyway.
That's where section 707 of Kerry-Boxer is triggered. Section 707 directs the President to use existing authority to keep atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases below 450 ppm CO2-e.
In other words, if the policy is failing to achieve the desired outcome, the President must use his powers to do something about it.

Note how in Myron Ebell speak, zero carbon economy = no economy.

So much for the Roman Empire, folks. They didn't have an economy, because they did not burn any coal. But we're so much cleverer than the Romans, aren't we? We can make electricity without burning coal. But that doesn't matter.

Myron continues:

All those free ration coupons that big companies like Duke Energy and Exelon and P G and E are hoping to get won’t be worth anything because the President will be obligated to use whatever statutory authority exists to reduce emissions and get greenhouse gases back down to below 450 ppm CO2-e. All the command-and-control tools of the Clean Air Act will have to be used to require emissions reductions.
What section 707 actually says:
The President shall direct relevant Federal agencies to use existing statutory authority to take appropriate actions identified in the reports submitted under sections 705 and 706.
As Myron explains (rightfully, for a change) "appropriate actions" will probably not include giving away all the free pollution permits the President has at his disposal.

Myron checks in his discovery with his friend Senator Vitter (R-Louisiana) [flood? what flooded city?] to remind corporate America that they are legally bound to consider short-term profits above threats to the survival of the human species.

This kind of legislative farting around might be entertaining to you, Myron, because you're old enough not to live to see the real consequences. You can take comfort from the fact that you will die of natural causes before the end of this century, following a long and worthless life.

The death you have dedicated your life to bringing on is reserved for the younger generations. Thanks for that.

By the way, I strongly recommend looking at: Desmogblog's Another silly climate petition exposed for the way that you can technically analyse the signing pattern on a denial letter to uncover the networks of old farts who want the human race to die.


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