Sunday, November 01, 2009

Profit Care in California

Yesterday, Myron showed his sweaty face at the Rape All Natural Resources Summit sponsored by TuCARE in California.

What the hell is TuCARE? It stands for Tuolumne County Alliance for Resources and Environment.

Tuolumne County contains the famous Yosemite National Park, and happens to be one of those Republican strongholds in the almost sane state electorate of California.

The fact that Myron Ebell got invited as a keynote speaker to this event (along with the elected Republican state representatives) suggests -- without any further information -- that this is likely to be PR front group infested with lies and misinformation.

Guilt by association definitely applies here

As the gold motherlode press release of the meeting reports:
"If we thin our forests, science proves that we get more water yield," says TuCare President Mike Albrecht. "There's a real strong connection between forests and our watersheds."
I can't imagine what type of "science" he could be referring to, but the definitions of his words couldn't be clearer:

thin our forests - PR speak for "clear-cutting", also known as "thinning by 100%". Clear-cutting is the most cost-effective solution to apply when your economic model works on a concept of absolute property rights to convert the totality of this resource into money forthwith, and use this money to buy up the next tranche of forest to repeat the stripping on. This is known as a "sustainable business model".

water yield - The profit dividend yield from water company shares. These profits are predicted to go up, following a spate of resource mismanagement and drought -- just as Enron's profits went up when they engineered the California electricity crisis. It's important for the water companies to protect these profits by investing in spin and lies and by flying Myron Ebell over to their offices to explain how it's done.

It's important to note that, although Myron calls himself an "energy expert", he doesn't have anything useful to say about the capitalism-induced California electricity crisis of 2002. Instead, he blames every crisis on "regulation" -- even when the story was about deregulation.

If it doesn't fit with his bogus narrative, it didn't happen.

The fact is, markets -- when organized in the way he thinks they should be -- favour profits, NOT efficiency. And so much money can be made out of the inefficient management of natural resources, that the consequences are inevitable.


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