Friday, January 11, 2008

Myron's history of misery

It's not only about what he continues to do today, with his softened image and the tactical retreat from the position that there is no such thing as global warming; it's about what he has done in the past that has got us here in a state where we are too late.

Back in June 2002, Myron was spitting blood over the release of the Climate Action Report 2002 by the US government because he didn't want to have to deal with any of these inconvenient truths when he was concocting his lies. In an op-ed for "Exxon Events", he wrote:
The Climate Action Report 2002 is a disastrous concession to global warming alarmism...

The report concedes that mankind is causing global warming, that future warming will be in line with United Nations predictions, and that warming will lead to ecosystem collapse, heat waves, droughts, floods, and higher agricultural production. Actually, this last result is the only one for which there is demonstrable scientific evidence. Hundreds of studies conducted over many decades by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and many land grant universities have found that plants grow more with higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is no surprise since carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis.
The second line of the crop yield story from National Geographic reads:
But the effect may be a double-edged sword; the increase in yield appears to be linked to a decrease in the nutritional value of these crops.
Not only that, but the increase in yield really only happens under controlled conditions. When you combine it with droughts, rising temperatures, and floods, yields go way down. There will be famines. There will be people dying by the million. But that's okay with this guy, if he can win his point for Exxon using fake science simplified down from an elementary school education.

Myron goes on to misrepresent a scientific paper:
One of the computer models used to predict regional climate impacts was provided by the Hadley Centre in England, which admitted in a published paper that, "scenarios based on global models will fail to capture the regional detail needed for vulnerability assessments at a national level."
As usual, in order to slow the exposure of his dishonesty, he doesn't provide a link to the citation, but there's enough to suggest it could be this March 2002 paper explaining how the models were not accurate enough to predict the distribution of floods to within one degree of latitude on the scale of one month. Once again, this fits well with the meteor analogy, where the astronomers can calculate when the meteor will strike the Earth, but perhaps not the exactly which city block. All predictions contain some margin of error, and in this case the entire error range is in the danger zone.

In his penultimate paragraph, Myron Ebell sets out his plan for the next seven years of bent science:
But the President must do more than that if he is to save his agenda. He must also dismiss or re-assign every administration employee—and there are several in key positions—who does not support his energy and global warming policies.
And he concludes with:
And finally, just as Undersecretary of State John Bolton recently removed the signature of the United States from the Rome treaty creating the International Criminal Court, President Bush must direct that the Kyoto Protocol be unsigned. Only then will this administration be out of the political quicksand.
Now we all know what John Bolton's withdrawal from the treaty was in aid of -- US government organized international kidnapping, torture, secret prisons, repeated wholescale bombing of cities, and god knows what other acts of depravity leading to nothing good whatsoever.

But taking all this and more into consideration, what Myron Ebell has been advocating and fighting for is much much worse: nothing short of the permanent elimination of hope for subsequent generations, in exchange for two extra decades of heavy car use and Exxon shareholder enrichment.

Those who look back on this man in a hundred years time are just going to feel cold.


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