Thursday, February 22, 2007

The comedy guide to human extinction

Not much has been showing up on the Myron Ebell hotline of late. We can but hope that he has lost his job and moved his family into a trailer park in Alabama to exercise his credentials in free enterprise action by picking up trash and getting drunk on battery acid. While it's momentarily pleasing to imagine that justice could be done, it's not really satisfactory. For the necessity of a full and comprehensive public repudiation from Exxon for all the lies he has said over the years on their behalf, the consequence of Ebell getting pensioned off to a nice yacht in the Bahamas would be more than acceptable.

The problem is so much bigger than the man who has merely chosen to embody it; it's in the lies that he has been paid to tell, and which the media has been paid to publish. They persist in millions of foggy minds in whose arteries flows the mortal fear of the acknowledgment that governments lie about everything all the time. It is necessary for governments, and the corporations in whose interests they operate, to proclaim without reservation, in spite of the effect it might have on their mounds of money so high that they can't see past them, that this is a real emergency. Business will no longer be usual. It's got to stop.

The news this week is about Ebell's colleague, Christopher Horner, who recently published a book of sick jokes called: "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming". John Stewart said to him:
I read that IPCC report, and I got to tell ya, yours is more interesting-- you know all the graphs and the other things, all the data, I didn't care for it. Yours I liked: cartoons.
Horner replied: It's like the [cartoons of] dead polar bears in Al Gore's movie. You see, real polar bears can swim.

They just can't eat because seals easily swim away from them in open water.

He then went on and on and on about how you can't believe the scientists because they all warned us about global cooling in the 1970s -- when some of them suggested that the next ice age was due to come in 20,000 years or so, and the speculation made it to the front cover of Newsweek. At the time we didn't have decades of satellite observations, hundreds of thousands of ice-core samples, a huge expansion in computer modeling power, glaciers in retreat, even more elevated levels of CO2, the ten warmest years on record all in the last two decades, or complete ownership of the government by the oil industry.

Not to worry, it's all just glacial melt-water under the bridge. He got a friend in the European Parliament to review his shoddy book, and pen at least one howling falsehood in every single paragraph. Our kids in 150 years time, the ones who survive the die-off, are going to pick up this book, look at the date, and shake their heads with pity.

Meanwhile, Myron has left a quote in an article that got published next week about the resignation of Nicholas Stern after none of his recommendations were taken up by the UK government. Quite wisely, he saw no point in remaining to greenwash this US-backed regime.

Now without a direct connection to power through his Republican party connections (where his CEI connections are now no longer undeclared), Myron has set himself the task of documenting all the failures of the new tribe in charge of the government to properly implement any effective measures. Done properly, this job would be a useful contribution if it highlighted errors and corruption in the system early enough to fix them.

Forget it. Nothing can come good from this man.


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