Sunday, November 05, 2006

Die CEI Die

The front page of the CEI proudly lists all the sorry incidents where CEI has been in the news. The New York Times, it says, cites CEI's ad campaign in an article from September 4, two months ago. It is a fitting memorial for this bubble of puss.

Also in the old-news are boasts that Myron Ebell helped out with reports in The San Francisco Chronicle, CNSNews, and The New York Times on September 1, and with articles so bad they are now broken links to The Investor's Business Daily and the aptly named Waste News.

This brand is no longer thriving. Since its one and only purpose is to get lies printed in the national press, it lives or dies according to the oxygen. Science, on the other hand, being the polar opposite of everything the CEI represents, carries on whether or not the journalists are paying any attention. Bear in mind, however, that it's reasonable for journalists -- being human -- to pay at least some attention to results which express the notion that there is an imminent threat to human kind. Properly responsible people like Myron believe that you should write only what you're paid to write. Beyond this inviolate contract, no other interests exist.

Putting that aside, I can't see any value in any corporation paying Myron Ebell to write articles in Human Ignorance Online, telling people to support the Republican Rep. Richard Pombo in what should (if the electoral system worked) be the extermination of the Republican party this Tuesday. He writes articles here with the bio:
"Mr. Ebell has worked on property rights, federal lands, the Endangered Species Act, and energy issues before the House Resources Committee since 1989."
presumably so he can omit it from his extensive list of credentials and lie about the CEI being non-partisan.

As is always the case, when Myron Ebell praises someone, it tells you everything you need to know about their character. In Pombo's case, he feels that because you are rich, and you have in your possession a government recognized piece of paper called a title deed, you can pretty much wreck the ecosystems that overlap the imaginary boundaries determined on that piece of paper as you see fit. One of the few pieces of legislation standing in the way of this behavoir is the Endangered Species Act, which attempts to prevent permanent and fundamentally irreversible changes to the ecosystem in terms of biodiversity by people who are already filthy rich, and just want a bit more cash to flash at their friends. Like Myron, his arguments are so weak he needs to lie to support them (see the article). He is also funded by oil, mining and casino interests, who approve of what he represents.

Myron thinks it's unsporting of his political opponents to attack him on this record, and he begs conservative activists to do everything they can to help re-elect Pombo. They want to win. Winning means that our species, Homo Sapiens, will be the last one to go extinct on planet Earth. We're well on our way towards this glorious result.


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