Saturday, January 06, 2007

One of Myron's pals

... is Daniel Johnson, one of the world's worst newspaper columnists, son of Paul Johnson, an extreme right-wing columnist who has just received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. What's that? You know, it's the award Bush doles out to big celebrites, disastrous administrators, and useful idiots like Tony Blair, who is not even stupid enough to pick it up.

The article by this son-of-writer "journalist" who mentioned Myron Ebell as a friend attained such an "acme of sycophancy" that it has been deleted from the website. Fortunately View From the Right has preserved it for posterity:
Whenever I visit America, I come back aglow with the munificent hospitality and friendly curiosity I encounter everywhere. It began at the entrance to the White House, where we were reacquainted with the Aquinas of our day, Michael Novak. Bob Tyrrell, editor in chief of the American Spectator, gave me a royal—sorry, presidential—welcome at his fine old Alexandria house, replete with ante-bellum artifacts and courtesy to match. Charles Krauthammer, peerless polemicist of the Washington Post, invited me to celebrate my first-ever Chanukah with his family and guests, including the great Irving and Bea Kristol. Finally, I was entertained by my old college friend Myron Ebell, fearless campaigner against environmental hysteria at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and his family, who reminded me of how civilized America still is compared to Europe.
I'm afraid this is politics of the Green Zone How civilized everything is in the elite enclaves while outside there is war, terror and starvation. It's a safe place to nurture your children so that they too can become the next President, isn't it?

In researching this posting, I read as much Daniel Johnson as I could handle. This piece about Bush's proposal to bomb the Al-Jazeera headquarters (never mind their reporters) took the biscuit.
[H]ow far can the West tolerate the dissemination of Islamist propaganda intended to poison the minds of Muslims against Jews and "Crusaders"?"...

[N]o government is obliged to reveal anything at all about operational decisions in wartime.

Wartime? Aye, there's the rub. Most Americans believe they are fighting a war against terror. Most Europeans don't. Most Americans are determined to win this war. Most Europeans have already given up.

Do you want proof? It was reported yesterday that a successful production of Christopher Marlowe's "Tamburlaine the Great" at the Barbican Theater in London deliberately censored the play in order not to offend Muslims.
Now I know these nuts have rather light standards of proof, but this is truly ridiculous. If your proof that we are at war is some dispute over a stage play in a theatre in London, then Mr Ebell can continue to deny Global Warming by the existance of an ice tray in his refridgerator.


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