Saturday, October 21, 2006

Other blog to roundup

The MEC managed to have the last word on Poor Schmuck's blog posting about Al Gore saying that cigarettes caused Global Warming. A good deal was learnt in the process. To summarize one side of the discussion, which was usually ignored by the other side, the problem of Climate Change is a lot like finding out about cancer.

You can be diagnosed of cancer, even if when you can't feel it. If the doctor who informs you of the lab results that prove you have cancer is a smoker, and is in the process of giving himself cancer, that is of no significance.

The most important lesson is the knowledge that the treatment you may have to undergo to cure yourself the cancer -- if it is in fact possible in your case -- has nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not you have cancer.

No one should ever claim Global Warming is not occurring because they can't countenance the idea of stopping car use.

There's more. There is no official qualification for being called a "scientist". And nor is there a qualification for being called a musician. There doesn't need to be. If these Climate Change deniers need to travel all night to find some pissed bloke called Myron Ebell in a karaoke bar in Oregon who's singing the tune they want to hear, while John Lennon is in the stage next door, then so be it. But it says something when you go far out of your way to get crap.

Good news

The Myron Ebell Climate is pleased to welcome a blog devoted to US Senator Jim Inhofe, the man who takes testimony from a science fiction writer as well as the scientifically dishonest Bjorn Lomborg. The scientists are all part of a global conspiracy to impose on the world a great Global Warming Hoax.

There's a neat interview by CNN with the Senator embedded in the page, where he starts with the bold accusation that the newspresenter he is speaking to is an extremist.

The Climate is also glad to read in DeSmogBlog that a CEI insider said they "were pummelled for weeks with irate viewers," and that CEI staffers were "afraid to pick up their phones." after they broadcast their two crap attack ads

From the sound of it, it seems that the world is tired of having these astro-turf groups around. They can do no right, whenever they do anything these days apart from cower in their offices. They have served their purpose of delaying progress for a number of years until it's a thousand times more expensive, whilst enabling a few multimillionaires to become billionaires.

A job well done. Just remember it when the biosphere is cracking up and making life difficult for human beings to live, and these same people are being all wise and telling us that it must be a fatal flaw in the human species that allowed this inevitable disaster to occur. Ask them what they were doing at the time in the early years of the 21st century. Make sure they're not trying to pass off their personal responsibility onto the rest of us. Make sure they weren't part of the lying machine that was consciously at work to keep us misinformed, covering our eyes as we approached the bend in the road and continued on straight so as to drive our society right of a cliff. Make it personal. This form of argument requires it to be. Responsibility is shared in proportion to political power, especially on those who knowingly lied at the time.


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