Thursday, June 08, 2006

Myron, bury thyself

You've all been there. You are on strike, or you trying to blockade a military base from which the government is sending forth bombs, and the police, whose job it is to defend violence and the immoral rights of capital, are behaving like pigs. Sure, they push you out of the way. Sometimes they spray you with toxic chemicals.

Then someone wants to throw a brick.

Please don't do that. Think: What's the best that could happen? Do you want to see it bounce uselessly off their shields? Or would you rather it hit someone's head? And kill them? Then you will have committed murder. One dead policeman isn't going to stop the war any sooner, and they now have an excuse to come after you with everything they've got. And they are willing to kill you all. That's why violence works for governments -- because they are willing to go the whole way. They actually prefer that everyone be dead, rather than be beaten by anyone. We can remember that lesson from the Cold War, if we learnt anything.

The agents of the government can throw bricks which kill people, and get away with it, but ordinary people don't.

And so the era of truth is dawning. Probably a little late now to save us, but we can at least enjoy the start of the day and look across the rubble and destruction that has been wrought through this night of lies.

Myron's people at the CEI have started throwing bricks at the sun. What's the best that could happen? People might believe a word of their lies and delay treatment of cancer? Or maybe it will land safely in the dust. And we will all turn to face Myron and realize that it was he who was hammering our skulls in the night, and now we can see him he doesn't look so frightening.

In fact, we can put him in a truck and drop him off at the asylum. They've got a room full of Carbon Dioxide there where they put people to calm them down and make them sleep.

He calls it life. I'd call it turning men blue.


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